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  • Types of Crabs

    In terms of seafood, crab is a huge crowd pleaser. Most people enjoy crab throughout the year without knowing much about them. Some crabs have long, creepy, spidery legs and pincers and other ones have little stubby legs that are… Read More

Taste a Baltimore Tradition!

You can now order our famous and award winning Maryland crabcakes online and we'll ship them fresh to your door. We will gladly ship them nationwide. Crabs, crab cakes, party packages, clothing, seasonings, and more available to order online now!

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  • Crab cakes

    A Costas tradition since 1971: 8 ounces of all Jumbo Lump crabmeat made with Costas seafood spices

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  • MD Crab soup

    Delicious Maryland crab soup from our kitchen to your door.

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  • oysters rockafeller

    Blue point oysters, topped with amaretto creamed spinach and provolone cheese.

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  • costas crab spice

    32 oz. Costas Crab Seasoning

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  • lump crab meat

    1 lb. Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

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