10 Pack 5 oz. Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes


A Costas tradition since 1971: 5 ounces of all Jumbo Lump crabmeat made with Costas seafood spices. A local favorite!


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Weight 10 lbs


  1. D. Holmes

    As I place another order for the best crab cakes I want to submit my review so if others are on the fence about trying Costas Inn crab cakes for the first time, they can rest easy. They are the best and worth the freight charge. We can’t stop ordering. They are a real treat. I have frozen them (people frown on that, I know) and cook weeks later and can barely tell the difference. Fresh without freezing is best but there is only two of us so we have no choice, unless family is over for a big dinner. Don’t hesitate they are the best.

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