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6 Ideas for Cooking and Serving Mussels

6 Ideas for Cooking and Serving Mussels

Depending on what you are craving, there are several different ways to cook and serve mussels.

Do you like seafood? Even if you love to eat seafood, there are probably some types of proteins you don’t know how to cook. Depending on what you are craving, there are several different ways to cook and serve mussels. Surprise your family with something different for dinner tonight. Let’s learn more about this type of seafood

Steam Them 

The most common way to cook mussels is to steam them. You’ve probably seen them prepared this way at your favorite restaurant where they bring you a big bowl of mussels and sometimes other shellfish at the same time. White wine, garlic, and chilies give your mussels another shot of flavor!

Pan Roast Them

Another idea is to try pan-roasting the meat inside the shell. It’s quick and easy in the cast iron pan. Add some seasoning – black pepper, minced parsley, or a simple slice of lemon will do. This method is incredibly satisfying!  

Grill Them 

Grilling season is upon us! Step away from red meats and other types of fish for a moment. Try to grill some mussels instead. Put them into a large serving bowl and dash with salt, pepper, and lemon wedges. 

Add Them to Chowder

Sometimes you might just be in the mood for soup. That’s why you can enjoy some chowder. Shellfish chowder and mussels can be combined for a larger meal at dinnertime. Peel and chop potatoes to drop in the chowder and serve with some freshly-baked crusty bread. 

Serve Them Up Cold 

Yet another idea is to simply serve them cold on the half-shell. Steam them, let them cool down, add a relish of herbs, vinegar, and shallots. Make sure you prepare them this way all on the same day to ensure that it is fresh and as tasty as possible. Cilantro, dill, and extra virgin olive oil are great accompaniments too. 

Serve with Fries

French fries are a fantastic accompaniment to almost anything. Moules Frites is a tremendously tasty Belgian dish that’s popular in France, too. Cook up the fries first, heat up the pot to cook the mussels, let the fries cool off, then fry the fries for a second time while the mussels are cooking. 


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You can enjoy our famous crab cakes in-house or order them online for any time eating. We also provide some of the best seafood catering in the Baltimore area! You can also get your fill from Costas even when you’re not in our dining room: follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!


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